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Who We Are

about us

The name ‘UINAH’ means ‘Wow!’ in local Sabahan slang, and reflects the founders’ vision to bring the wow experience in every beverage.

Primary ingredients are sourced sustainably from partner family farms, where produce is grown naturally and without the use of pesticides.

UINAH Premium Craft Beverages are unique in its purpose and focus. The company’s four core values reflect the company’s vision of remaining true to its roots while becoming Asia’s fastest-growing craft beverage manufacturer. 

Crafted with Quality

Crafted with Quality

We maintain top-notch quality by only sourcing premium, natural ingredients and sticking to small-batch production in an effort to ensure product consistency.

Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

We don’t compromise on our commitment to sustainable practices, working directly with farmers and advocating environmentally-friendly farming methods.

Crafted with Fun

Crafted with Fun

We choose to embrace the lighter side of life, working with a vibrant team and building meaningful connections with our partners and consumers.

Crafted with Purpose

Crafted with Purpose

We stay true to our original purpose of impacting the world through every sip, whether it be through best practices or creating the ultimate experience for our consumers.

Our Story

From two boys with a dream

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How We Brew

Using our finest ingredients found in rural parts of Sabah.

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