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Sabah Tourist Spot To Visit

Sabah is brimmed with amazing tourist attraction. From the highlands of Crocker Range to the diving spot at Mabul Island, drizzled with colourful tradition and cultural diversity to mystify incoming tourist from all over the world. It is even stated that Sabah tourist spot is so sought after that it is nominated into the 7 wonders of nature. We will learn more about these as we dive deeper into this world of Sabah tourist scene.

One of the best place to visit in Sabah is Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia. Located two hours away from the bustling city of Kota Kinabalu. If you are not into hiking fret not, the surrounding town has been mold into a tourist friendly place with tons of interesting places like the Kinabalu park, Desa cattle dairy farm with freshly available dairy products, historical Kundasang war memorial, stress relieving Rabbit village, numbers of beautiful resorts and homestays, and many more.

Mount Kinabalu

Few more places to go in Sabah are the beautiful islands surrounding the state. The one above all island in Sabah is Sipadan island. What makes it even outstanding is that, Sipadan were voted as the top 77 finalist to be nominated as the 7 wonders of nature. Competing against 440 nominees in a campaign that lasted from 2007 to 2011 that garners over 100 million votes! Sipadan island is truly the top dive destination in the world. Other must go island in Sabah is Manukan island to experience an island nearest to the capital city, Tiga island the “survivor island” for a therapeutic volcanic mud bath, Bohey Dulang island for its unrivaled scenery, Kapalai for a 5-star luxury resort and many more!

Apart from the nature side, do not miss out some interesting places in Sabah from a cultural and tradition point of view. Every 30th and 31st of May, Sabah will celebrate the harvest festival or better known as Kaamatan day. Huge events will be celebrated at Kadazandusun Cultural Association Sabah (KDCA) building at Penampang, Sabah. Singing competition known as Sugandoi and Beauty pageant or locally called Unduk Ngadau will gather the best representation from every district in Sabah. The final will be held on the last day of Kaamatan and there will be a big festival with large array of local delicacies to be enjoyed. Another big cultural day to mention is the Regatta Lepa which were held at Semporna. Imagine a hundreds of colorfully decorated boats in a sea side parade as they compete to get the title “Most beautiful Lepa”. Truly a spectacle! Celebrated annually on the 3rd or 4th week of April. There will also hold numbers of cultural performances, fireworks displays and also various traditional and contemporary sports and games.

As you end your round trip holiday here, you should go for Sabah famous places nearer to the capital city. The Likas Floating Mosque was made covering an over 14 hectares area with man made lagoon surrounding the mosque. The Sabah Fund Bureau building is also a great place to take pictures. One of the first tallest building in Sabah you can see the reflection of Mount Kinabalu on a clear day. The first upside down house in Sabah is also a great place to spend time. Located at Tamparuli, this place will definitely stir a memorable experience.

Other worth mentioning interesting places in Sabah for those who wants an even deeper experience of living in Sabah are as follows. Train ride to on the Borneo Railway, a snip of colonial history at the Atkinson clock tower, chill at Tanjung Aru beach, eye bird city view at Signal Hill Observatory Platform, trip to the Lok Kawi Wildife Park, visit the Sabah State Museum, cultural package at Monsopiad Cultural Village, have a sentimental experience on Klias Wetland River Cruise and last but not least, gobble down on seafood at Todak Waterfront Hawker Centre.

So when you’re finally here in Sabah for holiday, do spend some time to arrange your visit according to your preferences whether it is for nature, culture, shopping or wildlife. There are a lot more places that were not mentioned as it either they were not mainstream, unpopular, very new or a bit quirky which serve only for a certain niche of interested people like the restaurant Happy Place at Kolombong, serving gourmet steak for beef lover and don’t forget to try the Ginger beer they have there. It is for your adventure instinct to discover all the other places on your on and we wish you great discovery, amazing experience and wholesome journey.