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Our Story


How It Started

It all began as a simple idea nearly a decade ago when James Wong was pursuing architectural studies in New Zealand. There, he developed a fondness for quality ginger beer and mulled the idea of one day using Sabah’s spicy ginger to make his own. However, the idea was placed on the backburner and was only revived when his childhood friend, Matthias Liew, partnered with him to work on a recipe. After more than a year of countless experiments and backyard parties, UINAH Ginger Land’s recipe was born.

Proudly Bornean, James and Matthias feel a deep desire to always add value to Borneo’s natural products. All of UINAH products are therefore made using only real and natural ingredients harvested sustainably in Sabah. By sourcing UINAH’s primary ingredients from family farms, James and Matthias are confident that UINAH products don’t compromise on taste, or quality.


Using Sabah’s spiciest gingers found in the hills of Tambunan, UINAH Ginger Land quickly turned into a big hit. As demand grew, UINAH Ginger Land found its way to supermarkets, cafes and restaurants throughout Sabah in just one year. In 2019, UINAH began supplying Ginger Land to selected partners in West Malaysia and also rolled out UINAH Roselle Paradise, a refreshing soda made using locally-grown roselle flowers.

Today, UINAH operates from a factory in Kota Kinabalu but maintains small-batch production and craft methods to ensure every UINAH beverage wows the body, mind and soul.

Ginger Land

Spicily Refreshing.

Take Me there

Roselle Paradise

Breezily Tropical.

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