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Have you ever wondered how we brew our well-loved UINAH Ginger Land, with its spicy kick and zesty finish? Here, we take you step by step through our brewing process — without revealing our secret recipe, of course!

Grinding & Cooking

It all starts with ginger. At UINAH, we only source quality ginger from family farms in Tambunan, Sabah, a region known to produce some of the spiciest gingers around.

The ginger undergoes a rigorous cleaning and washing process along with our other main ingredient, quality imported lemons (unfortunately, Malaysia’s climate isn’t ideal for lemon growing!). After that, it all gets blended and cooked in a way that preserves both the flavour and aroma of this superfood.

Fermenting & Maturing

Once cooked through, other ingredients such as sugar are thrown into the mix which then goes through a brewing period. This step cannot be rushed, for time allows the natural yeast found in ginger to react with the sugar and other ingredients.

Once fermented to the right degree, the mixture goes through a filtration process that removes the larger chunks of ginger and lemon but leaves little gems of the root and fruit for that extra kick.

Bottling & Packaging

The liquid (and little floating pieces of ginger and lemon) now goes through the tedious process of forced carbonation, where we allow the CO2 to slowly absorb into the drink for that zingy, exciting taste we know you’ll enjoy.

Our recipe is now complete, and the liquid is poured into our recognisable UINAH reusable glass bottles ready to be distributed and savoured.

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